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Signal Snowboards - Made in the USA

Signal Argentina is killing it!

Our good buddies to the south have been busy getting their shred on....check out what our friend Fran Belaustegui sent us!


We got everything, Hi Def cams, Grego Campi from BQProductions, boards, dirt and some snow. Friends Mark Salas (Spain), Massaguer(Spain), then Manu Dominguez (Signal Arg) on his OG and myself on my brand new Park Series.

Almost everything, we didn't have a spot for filming. So after going around the mechanic shops at the base of Cerro Catedral we found this kind of dirt cliff spot, the guys decided to bury a pole on the lip of it and after many hours of work with the sun sinking we started the jam.

At the beginning the compression was hard, couple times after trying we stomped some good ones Manu got some fronts blunt 270 out, front 180 melon and tried some 450 out the pole, and I got a smooth fs 360 and happier after I stomped a switch 50-50 ollie of the pole. Perfect fun day!


The Good Wood! Vita Park

This isn't the first time for the Vita to get added to the Transworld Snowboarding "Good Wood" list.  But we still couldn't be more proud of our women's specific park board.  Check out the review from TWS and then go get one for yourself or your special lady friend!


TWS Good Wood - Vita Park


Timewarp Tuesdays!

This weeks Timewarp comes from regional team rider and all around amazing shred head, Iris Lazzareschi!

"Finally I got a snowmobile of my own in the 07/08 season. I was so stoked but it was also time to learn how to really ride this bad boy. I didn't have a trailer for it but I would just take it on these back roads right behind my house. In March 08 I had rushed home from so cal (which is another story of its own!) 'cause there was a huge storm coming in. The first little bit of the big dump (about 8 inches) I went out to meet up with some buddies and brrrrrrrap around.

Snow mobilin

We were cruising along and then there was a good sized downhill part, it was for sure the biggest downhill for me since I started riding so I was really nervous. The guys all encouraged me that it was easy and to not hit the brakes, just let 'er ride and she'll just stay right on track. They all dropped before me and I went last. I knew inside that there wasn't enough run out for me since they had just gone down and stopped I knew if I just rolled down I would run right into them or go to the side and get stuck in a creek. I yelled to them to tell them what I though and they said "Na, its fine, you'll be fine". So I just decided to just trust them and go for it. As soon as I started gaining speed I knew I wasn't stopping soon so I hit the brakes, locked up my track and started fish tailing. I fish tailed into the fall line to my right went over this little baby tree then tried to pin it through these two narrow ones, my right ski caught the tree and I came to a complete stop and my knee hit the vent on the dash board. My heart was pumping fast and my leg hurt but not too bad, I went to feel it and my fingers went in my knee, I thought I had a compound fracture for sure. I told them I thought I broke my leg, Jo came running up to help and Heath yelled back on his way up, "Its all mental, see if you can stand up" so I stood up and I could walk, my pants weren't torn, it stung a little but didn't seem too serious so they dug out my sled and we kept riding. About a half hour of riding and my knee was throbbing so hard, I had to take a break and check it out. I lifted my pants up a bit and saw a cut that was going to need stitches but, again, didn't seem too bad.

My knee!

We rushed to their trucks loaded up and I ended up meeting up with my dad and went to the local medical group. I just walked right in and said I thought I needed some stitches. The nurses got me in the room we took my snowboard pants off and my knee was thrashed, way worse than I thought, we cut my long johns half way (cause they were my favorite so I still wanted to be able to wear them) and the doctor came in to stitch me up. It was crazy and amazing, I definitely had a guardian angel cause you could see every part of my knee but nothing inside was hurt at all, it was "Merely a flesh wound"... I'm so lucky. 26 stitches total and the best scar ever, I have a perma grim on my right knee forever, I'd be bummed if it was frowning but since its smilin', it’s better than any tattoo. Just to top things off, two summers ago at High Cascade snowboard camp I broke my leg right below where I have the scar and I was wearing those some long johns.. ya, you guess it, I burnt those."


Time Warp Tuesdays!

Austen Granger takes us back.....

"So one day, I think it was December 2007 we decided to pack up the levitation truck and just drive from Salt Lake City to Alaska.

The drive from here is just a little over 3000 miles and it’s on shity snow covered roads the whole way. Its No walk in the park, Its an adventure that will change your life if you ever do it.

When we started out driving it seemed like it was going to be a pretty mellow drive, but the roads quickly changed to just snow after the first couple hundred miles. As soon as we got into Idaho the weather was just shit. It just started snowing.

Besides the shity driving condition, the GPS some how ended up taking us to some closed mountain pass road that took us about 200 miles out of the way. Like I said this drive is not easy. So many things can go wrong so easily.

By the time we made it into Canada it was just snowing so hard. The temp kept dropping, just when you thought it couldn’t get colder, it did, A lot colder. The Yukon Territory is a cold place and you never would want to ever brake down out there. You would freeze to death.

There is tons of buffalo everywhere. They just like to stand in the road. You have to pay close attention or you will just run into a herd of them. It would just total what ever your driving if you hit one, there massive.

Besides all the sketchy stuff this is an amazing drive, the scenery is amazing. Sunsets are just insane. I could go on an on about this, probably Wright a book about just the drive. In the end we made it and hade a great time in Alaska. It was a once in a lifetime journey that im glade I can say I did. I survived the Alaskan highway."



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2011 Product of the Week.

This week we showcase the Jake OE jacket and the OG 155. Jake's jacket is lightweight and technical. Meant to be more of a comfortable shell that keeps you dry. The OG 155 is great all mountain board and has much more of a medium flex than our Park boards. Solid for high speeds and big jumps, the OG is Hand Painted, Triaxial glass, 24.6 waist and the Signal's signature Flotsam and Jetsam Base, which keeps the extra material usually thrown away out of a landfill and on the base of these boards.

Product of the week_Jake Jacket

Signal voted website of the week!

Who doesn't like a little recognition every now and then?  Even in our interim through the summer as we continue to ramp up our new website, we have made it our duty to keep everyone posted on the world of Signal Snowboards.  We would like the thank everyone for staying tuned to signalsnowboards.com over the summer.  We would like to give a special thank you to the boys at Whitelines Snowboard Mag for making us their site of the week.  Check out the article and link below and get ready for big things from Signal over the next few months and through out the winter!


Signal loves you!


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Tuesday Timewarp

This week's Tuesday Time Warp we go back to our first Japan trip as Signal in the fall of 2004. Matt and Dave soloed it on a shop tour spreading the word. Japan has always been one of our favorite places to visit, and this particular year, they signed a car, then all of a sudden they were signing a few more cars. It was nuts and so much fun! All Signal supporters in Japan, you are awesome! Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for our brand. See you soon!


2011 Product of the Week

This week we feature Matt Hammer's set up. The 151 OG Hammer and  Pro Pant and Jacket. The board has a stained core, triaxial glass, sintered base and a 24.3 waist. The Hammer Jacket and Pant are sized up and have a 10K/8K Waterproof / Breathability. The season's upon us, get yourself dialed in!

Product of the week_Hammer

Every Third Thursday: Hole In One!

Fore! Yep, that's right, this ETT we build a golf board. Over the years we've seen snowboarders get so addicted to golf in the summer, they go deep. They buy the best clubs, have the outfits, you name it, they're hooked! This board will definitely help improve their game on hill and the course! Watch as we run into a few obstacles, hang with Chris Dufficy and have a a lot of laughs! By the end, well... check it and find out for yourself!

Time Warp Tuesdays!

ThisTuesday we take you back to the summer of 2008. Here's a photo of Jake on the set of the Signal commercial - "Can't wait for opening day?" Click on the image to view the commercial.